We have a highly qualified team of researchers who have performed at national and international level in various educational institutions for 25 to 30 years. They have seen the ground realities at root level and they know what happened at international level and what our national problems are. They always have an eye on how to make a difference. They are not followers. The characteristic of our books is, we do not follow, and we make our own way. There is a tiny monogram of Leading publishers that reflects our vision i.e., there is a picture of the desert where wind blows and paths disappear. The man in center of the desert is walking ahead leaving his footsteps behind to follow. The vision of researchers and innovators is exactly that we do not follow, we lead. It’s not necessary to follow the books already in the market. We strongly discourage that.  Our vision is, we are not followers. Our own ideas must be materialized.

Researchers from our highly qualified staff give directions to the writers. The direction is never based upon the already developed books in the market. The direction is based upon the experience they had already gained nationally and internationally.  It is based on their own vision.

We have seen, in England, mothers telling stories to their young ones. When the child is two, moms tell them stories from a picture book, keeping their finger on two lines below the picture, unlike here in Pakistan where stories told by mothers are just a way to make the kids fall asleep.

These ideas in the west are missing from our ordinary books. We need valid teaching methodologies for book developments in Pakistan. Our society does not try to discover how a child learns, what his natural learning process is, or how teaching methodology works.  Our research team uses such ideas in making comprehensive structure of the learning phenomenon and put the writer in the direction of the learning process.

A Good Education is the Foundation of a Better Future!